Bryce Alexander Dixon

“I’d be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given.” Denzel Washington.

For Bryce Alexander Dixon, a gifted young artist here in NYC, that ability is creating art. Art takes many forms but for this rising artist it has always taken the form of painting. Painting was once just a hobby coming out of high school, but has now turned into a lifelong journey.

Bryce Alexander's Top 5

Here are Bryce Alexander Dixon top 5 favorite pieces he’s created…

1. “Fight The Power”

2. “Ock/Ahkhee”

3. “Break Bread”

4. “Queen and Slim”

5. “A Black Atmosphere”

Radical honesty time: Many of you would have liked to turn your passions into a career, but 9 times out of 10, you gave up on that after the first day, you probably realized you couldn’t make any real money from it, or it just wasn’t realistic. It happens; it’s just not that easy these days.

The Hard Truth

Truth is, creating art isn’t a walk in the park. It takes patience, effort, time, some self-reflecting, and a strong understanding that you may be struggling financially for a while too! To make money as an artist, it’s necessary to have a style that is immediately recognizable.

So we asked, how does someone create something immediately recognizable? “It needs to come from the heart and soul,” says Bryce Alexander Dixon. Take a minute to scroll back up, and take another look at Bryce’s Top 5. Each piece there represents a different vision that has served this artist well in his creative process, each piece you see there wasn’t just conjured up within a few hours but took time to expand into what you see above. His attachment to painting allows him to express himself without words.

The NYC Reality Check

Being an artist in the NYC creative scene is no joke. It’s as bold, raw, and cutthroat as you can imagine. So many curators in one location trying to paint a name for themselves, so you can guess the kind of drive one needs to have to make it out here. Bryce is an artist that understands that your passion for your craft is equally, if not more important than whether or not it stands out. If you're a creative in the heart of NYC, you know firsthand how the saying goes, “You gotta get it how you get it out here."

Bryce’s next Move, so keep it On the High

This is an artist to keep on your watch list for sure, as we have no doubt that the price of his work will increase soon to come, so follow his Instagram for future updates @brycealexander__

“Remember to always remain humble, even when things are playing in your favor” - Bryce Alexander Dixon.